I initially met LaMont Sledge ten years ago when we were both freelancing for a magazine. Having spent years in advertising, I was pretty familiar with graphic design and the creativity that is necessary to be successful. I was immediately impressed by LaMont's work--his creativity, use of color, and his innate ability to understand a client's needs. I started to look forward to his deadlines because I looked forward to seeing what I believed to be brilliance in creative design. When I published my own book, there was no other person that I trusted with my vision for the cover. I knew I could tell him what the book was about and give him a few 'ideas' and then get out of the way and let him work. I appreciate so much not having to hold LaMont's hand and walk him through a project (and my book was just one of many projects we've worked on together). I trust him implicitly and I believe deeply in his talent. I emailed LaMont my vision (in a very few words) and he created a beautiful artistic rendering of my beloved story. I am so proud of my book and it's cover! And I am even more proud of my brilliant friend and designer extraordinaire, LaMont Sledge!
The Freshman Fifteen...& a Whole Lot of Other Stuff They Didn't Plan For
ISBN: 978-1432770761
Author: Myra H. Taylor
Available for purchase on Amazon.com
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The ‘freshman fifteen’ refers to the amount of weight students gain their first year in college. But what about the other stuff they gain?

Jillian Ford is a freshman at State University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina who is not prepared for the social rigors of college life and all that comes with it. She comes from a sheltered, but emotionally vacant home, yet she finds herself in the middle of a vicious love triangle when State University’s star basketball player, Ahmad Bell, falls for her. Throughout this year, she has to make some very tough life or death decisions about priorities, faith, friendships and love. Her best friend and roommate, Cheryl-Lynn Bassett, along with Ahmad’s ex-girlfriend, Tracy Howard, make Jillian’s first year of college one to remember.

Will Jillian successfully navigate the chaotic life of a college freshman?

Will she be able to handle the drama of her first love?

Or will she succumb to the pressures and give up?

This debut novel by a talented new writer will keep you reading and rooting for your favorite character. You will not be able to put it down!

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